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Issues & Political Concerns

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Key Policy

"I would like to fix the housing crisis.  The buildings need better management , the buildings need to be more unkempt. We have old buildings in district 14 that have led and asbestos, which can cause neurological damage and cancer.  These are the buildings we are raising families in. These are the buildings our children are living in."



The Stakes are High

"We need more vocational schools for the unemployed youth.  Too many young kids in New York City , dropout of High school with no plans. No direction. No vision.  I was that kid. The kid with no direction , I had to figure it out on my own. Some young people don’t figure it out on their own , and we see them in prison and shelters. We need to care and focus more on our youth because our children are the leaders for tomorrow.  They are the future."


Health Care

For a Better Future

"This is a very serious issue that has been impacting civilians worldwide. It is up to us  to address this issue head on, and rally the support needed to make the proper change."