We Need Your Help to Take Action



Coronavirus is Becoming a Potential Threat to Americans

Because Democrats are more interested in useless programs like needle exchanges and legalizing medical marijuana, we are ill prepared to deal with the mounting medical crisis being posed by China's inability to control the COVID-19 "corona" virus affecting thousands throughout the world. My plan is to shift manufacturing of medicines to the US so Americans don't have to depend on other countries' problems for our solutions. The GOP leaders I've been speaking with all have concerns about the lack of leadership in democratic dominated districts LIKE THE 14TH DISTRICT and its greater impact on America's ability to deal with this crisis head on. Help us shift control of Congress from SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS LIKE AOC back to practical approaches inspired by individuals like me. No other candidate can make the claim that they actually BUILT A PHARMACEUTICAL FACILITY HERE IN THE USA. I can.



We Need to Rebuild Now

"I would like to fix the housing crisis in the 14th district. The buildings need better management and care. We have old buildings in our District 14 that have lead and asbestos, which can cause neurological damage and cancer. These are the buildings we are raising families in. These are the buildings our children are living in."



The Stakes are High

"We need more vocational schools for the unemployed youth. Too many young kids in New York City drop out of high school with no plans. No direction. No vision.  I was that kid. The kid with no direction. I had to figure it out on my own. Some young people don’t figure it out on their own, and we see them in prison and shelters. We need to care and focus more on our youth because our children are the leaders for tomorrow.  They are the future."



For a Better Future

"This is a very serious issue that has been impacting civilians worldwide. But most of all we know how it is impacting District 14. It is up to us to address this issue head on, and rally the support needed to make the proper changes."